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Yoga, Do Not Knock It Until You Try It

Are you one of those folks who have never tried yoga? How about one of those grown up teenagers who likes cow tipping and thought you might knock over your sister when she was doing yoga? Yes, I know that is fun isn't it? I have done this on many occasion and watched the silly looking humans fall right over indeed. Not bad, it is easy too; a little push and see ya, over they go. But really we should be very serious yoga is quite good for the soul, relaxation and de-stressing too. So, do not knock yoga until you try it. Now I have tried it so it is okay for me to make jokes, but if you have not tried it, you are barred from laughing or tipping over your friends who you think are looking quite silly while they do their "Yoga Thing."

So, why do yoga in the first place? Well for one it makes you feel good and practicing breathing is good for cardiovascular improvement. Such meditation makes you feel healthier and does wonders for your displacement and personality. There are many reasons why people who do yoga are healthier and it runs the gamut of reasoning from brain wave cycles to nerve response; temper management to handling stress; cardiovascular to healthy hearts. Some try it and do not like it, I for one. I am a long distance runner and would rather go run ten miles and get into a deep rhythm and I can tell you that is about the healthiest thing one can do. Now then when I describe this to friends who do yoga, they describe some of the exact same sensations. Interesting indeed, perhaps they have a better idea. After all jarring your knees and running up hills is not easy and they are said to get a greater benefit to the body without even going anywhere or exerting any energy? Wow, maybe yoga is not such a bad idea after all.

Many men will say; "Yogo is for girls" yet the professional athletes I know who do yoga are some of the top in their endeavors; why? Well because it works. So before you knock yoga, go read some books, try it out and see for yourself. Yoga is for everyone who is smart enough to understand why it works so well. Think on this, while you try it.By Lance Winslow


Signs of Suicide

Signs of Suicide : Learn What They are and How to Deal with Them

The true numbers are probably much higher because many suicides are reported as accidents or illnesses. Suicides are usually the result of a complex combination of emotional, social, and biological factors. For that reason, learning about the warning signs of suicide can be difficult yet so important.

Warning Signs of Suicide:

Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness
Extreme withdrawal from friends, family, and usual activities
Talking about suicide or "ending it all"
Self-destructive or risk-taking behavior
Giving away favorite possessions
Sudden changes in mood or behavior
Increased use of alcohol or drugs
dentification with someone who has committed suicide
Preoccupation with thoughts of death
Previous suicide attempt(s)

How to Help Someone Showing Signs of Suicide

Know the warning signs!

Most suicidal people give clues about their feelings. Don't be afraid to ask someone you are worried about if he or she is thinking of taking his or her own life. You cannot make someone suicidal by asking a direct, caring question about the warning signs of suicide you may have identified. Tell your loved one that you are worried and give specific reasons why. Stress that he or she is very important to you and to other people. Encourage that person to get help through a psychiatrist, social worker, clergy member, or other mental health professionals.

How to Deal with Signs of Suicide:

Stay Calm. Don't overreact.

Express Concern. Take your friend or family member seriously. Explain why you are worried. Be specific.

Listen Attentively. Maintain eye contact.

Ask Direct Questions. It is important to find out if your friend has a specific plan for suicide.

Acknowledge Feelings. Do not be judgmental. Don't take it personally if you can't help your friend "cheer up".

Reassure. Stress that suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems. Remind your friend that there is always hope, and things can and will get better.

Don't Promise Confidentiality. You may need to consult others, or talk to your friend's doctor about the signs of suicide you have identified. Take Action, Involve Others.

Don't attempt to handle this alone. Consult others who are trained to help and deal with warning signs of suicide.

By Charles E. Donovan


Treating Neuromas

Treating Neuromas - Ten Tips

A neuroma is an inflamed nerve. In the foot, the most common place for a neuroma is between the third and fourth toes. The main nerve to your foot originates in the spine and travels down the back of the leg to the bottom of the foot and out to the toes. When the nerve becomes irritated, electrical or burning pain shoots out to the toes when walking. The second, third and fourth toes can become numb. There can be a sensation of walking on a lamp cord or a lump. Removing the shoe and massaging the ball of the foot can bring relief.

To help decrease the pain, try the following tips:

1. Rest. Every step you take aggravates the nerve. Decreasing the time on your feet will help decrease the inflammation. If you walk for exercise, try biking or swimming instead.

2. Avoid activities that aggravate the pain. Squatting, walking or running hills, climbing up and down stairs and carrying heavy items will increase the stress through the ball of the foot and irritate the nerve. Taking the stress off the nerve will help decrease the irritation, decrease the inflammation and accelerate healing.

3. Wear low-heel shoes. Any shoe (cowboy boots or high heeled dress shoes) will place excessive pressure on the ball of the foot. Keep the heel height below 1 inch.

4. Wear shoes with a wide toe box. If the toes are cramped together, this places pressure on the nerve, worsening the irritation. Your toes should have enough room to "wiggle".

5. Wear rigid shoes. Wearing flexible shoes increases the force placed through the ball of the foot. A rigid shoe with a rocker sole will decrease the pressure on the nerve.

6. Ice your foot. Placing ice of the ball of the foot for 20 minutes once or twice a day will decrease pain and inflammation.

7. Use contrast soaks. Start with 5 minutes of heat, then apply 5 minutes of ice, then switch back to heat and alternate for 20-30 minutes. Contrasting between hot and cold will help decrease the inflammation around the nerve.

8. Place a neuroma pad in your shoe. A neuroma pad (similar to a metatarsal pad) can be placed in the shoe, under the ball of the foot. The pad lifts up the bones in the foot to help decrease the pressure on the nerve. The pad should be placed behind the ball of the foot.

9. Slip inserts into your shoe. Make sure the insert you buy is an orthotic. The device should be semi-rigid to help control motion in the foot. These can be bought at your local running shop or sports store.

10. See your podiatrist. If the pain persists after taking these steps, make an appointment with your podiatrist.

By Christine Dobrowolski


Pertussis (whooping cough) (Indonesian)

Influenza Unggas (“Flu Burung”)

Jenis Berkas: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Versi HTML Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing – Influenza unggas ... - Halaman sejenis

Pertussis (whooping cough) (Indonesian)

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NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service ... Page 2 of 4. Pertussis (whooping cough) ... - Halaman sejenis
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Constipation (1 year and beyond) (Indonesian)

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Allergy & Asthma / Indonesian

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Lifetime Health Cover (Asuransi Kesehatan Seumur Hidup) Apa yang ...

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HealthPages of the book are displayed as a PDF file and can be printed. Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 2002 - Login to this searchable virtual reference - 75k -

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Nuclear Medicine Imaging in Infection/Inflammation id/File/SCIENTIFIC_PROGRAM.pdf - SILABUS Community and Preventive Medicine - 76k -

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